Jan 24, 2015: PERFORMANCE, MON AMOUR @ Bologna

Can you guess what is it?

It’s a detail of Public Collection – Bologna, an on going project by Alexandra Pirici & Manuel Pelmuş, performed at Oratorio San Filippo Neri, during ARTEFIERA. It was the most sensible and fascinating work of art of the weekend. From my point of view, performance is the key factor of contemporary art, with its powerful language that can catch the attention of the people and drive it into reflections and creativity.

Alexandra Pirici & Manuel Pelmuş, Public Collection – Bologna, details of the performers that were acting Pablo Picasso “Guernica”, 1937, oil on canvas, Museum Reina Sofia, Madrid.

Alexandra Pirici & Manuel Pelmus, Public Collection Bologna, 2015Alexandra Pirici & Manuel Pelmus, Public Collection,



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