May 2016: Artribune, Antonella Crippa’s brand new Art and Market column

Every week, read my Art and Market column on  I will introduce facts, trends, highlights and auction results of the International and Italian Contemporary Art Market.

Artribune is a content platform and services dedicated to art and contemporary culture, born in 2011 thanks to decades of experience in publishing, journalism and new technologies of its staff, composed of Marco Enrico Giacomelli, Claudia Giraud, Massimo Mattioli, Santa belt, Federica Polidoro, Catherine Little Pigs, Valentina Silvestrini, Valentina Tanni, Arianna Testino, conducted by Massimiliano Tonelli.

Edited by Artribune Ltd., chaired by Paolo Cuccia (also chairman of the Gambero Rosso), Artribune is the most extensive and widespread cultural preparation of the country (there are approximately 250 employees around the world) and the following information tool, updating and deepening in Italian art and everything that revolves around it, not only web magazine, but also free press, with a free paper magazine printed in 55 thousand copies and distributed throughout Italy. Widespread presence on the network, including through a series of channels and instruments, all coordinated with each other: Artribune reach you via email, with a particular mailing list system, on the various social networks, with apps for smartphones and effective webtv which publishes an average of five hundred videos each year.

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