2017 Summer @ Basel, fine exhibitions to visit

During the days of the fair(s), many exhibitions open in the Swiss city. From XVI Century to now, museums and galleries host masterpieces and contemporary art suggestions, to be visited during the summer. Guido’s and my list of the exhibitions not to be missed: Museo Prado reenact in Kunstmuseum, Cezanne’s drawings, Wolfgang Tillmans at Fondation Beyeler, Wim Delvoye (Damien Hirst alterego) and David Claerbout’s Olympia at Schaulager.

In Ungestalt (Kunsthalle Basel), look for promising artists Caroline Achaintre, Olga Balema, Michaela Eichwald, Eric N. Mack and Park McArthur.

Wolfgang Tillmans @ Fondation Beyeler

Vim Delvoye @ Museum Tinguely

Jean Tinguely @ Museum Tinguely

Ungestalt, exhibition view @ Kunsthalle Basel

Leonardo and its workshop @ Kunstmuseum Basel

The “Minimalism wing” at Kunstmuseum Basel

Yan Xing @ Kunsthalle Basel

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