April 15 2018: Art and design cheeck-to-cheek @ Miart and Salone weeks

Not only the TEFAF edition, but even the edition of Miart and Salone del Mobile were the best ever for quality and quantity of events and exhibitions. Generaly speaking, the figurative paintings and sculptures represented the majority of the proposals, and art and design binomial was triumphant.

Maria Nepomuceno @ Guenzani, Miart

Amikam Toren, Neither a painting nor a chair, 1979 @ Anthony Reynolds, Miart

Mircea Cantor, The World belongs to those who set it on fire, 2016 @ Magazzino and Dvir Gallery, Miart

Mario Sironi, Operaio, 1930 @ Copetti antiquari, Miart

Marina Faust @ Gianni Manhattan, Miart

Umberto Boccioni, Ritratto di giovane, 1910 @ Christie’s

Ulla von Brandeburg, Curtain, 2017 @ Frigoriferi Milanesi

Mario Merz @ Museo del Novecento

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