March 17 2018: TEFAF beautiful faces

How wonderful, terrific, sweet, scaring, intriguing, and more, are human and animal faces in the sculptures and paintings exhibited at TEFAF. The world diversity is the true richness of our planet, in the past, present and future ages. The 2018 edition was one of the best ever!

Delft, 1750 ca @ Aronson

Flemish terracotta bust, 1670 @ Kollenburg Antiquaries

The elephant fountain, Palermo, XVII @ Bacarelli & Botticelli

Joshua Raynolds, Elizabeth Rolleston with her son Samuel, 1776 @ Lowell Lisbon & Jonny Yarker

Bodhisaavta, Pakistan, 2-3 C ac @ Marcel Niels

Bamileke Mask, early XX @ Didier Claes

Gustave Caillebotte, Portrait of the painter George Roman, 1879 @ Arnold-Livie

Pablo Picasso, Femme assise, 1953 @ Landau fine art

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