July 7-8 2018: Manifesta’s good wibes in Palermo

Mixite’, coexistence, mixed seeds, migrations, new ways: these are the key words that arise from Manifesta in Palermo. Good news: the nomadic biennale is an opportunity to think positive! The city is even more wonderful with the artwoks. It’s photogenic nature is at its best.

Lungiswa Gqunta, Lituation, 2018

Uriel Orlow, Whishing Trees, 2018

Renato Leotta, Giardino, 2018

Kader Attia, The body’s legacy, 2018


Yuri Ancarani, Wipping Zombie, 2017


Fallen Fruit, Theatre of Sun, 2018

Taus Makhacheva, Baida, 2017

Jordi Colomer, New Palermo Felicissima, 2018

Leone Contini, Foreign Formers, 2018

Rayyane Tabet, Steel Rings, 2013

Lungiswa Gqunta, Lituation, 2018

Lydia Ourahmane, The third choir, 2014

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